miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2009

Where the tradition lives.

Without the religious character, Carlism can’t be understood. Carlism, defends Religion in the appropriate time and place that must be defended with the resources that circumstances need and against the attacks of the harmfulest enemy. Carlism, both in the political struggle and in the armed struggle, doesn’t want to be an independent guerrilla soldier neither an anarchic explorer, but a sturdy cover, an effective vanguard in the advances and an heroic rearguard in the retreats.

Since the parties were born in our country, because of the organization that was adopted in the Courts of Cadiz (1812), they was not intended to serve the truth of Spain; this truth would have given rise to an agreement, at least in the fundamental and most important things. But parties are committed to serving accidental, casual, accessories and individuals interests. However, even Carlism never sacrificed the values that were and will be permanent and eternal in Spain.

Carlism, was never absolutist, but the lie told by liberalism, went deep into the ignorant hearts. However they were absolutist: Ferdinand VII and liberal centralism; so both were and are derived from pagan forms of "Caesarism" and the French Revolution, which was repugnant to the mode of being of our people and our traditions.

Carlism is the guardian of Tradition, that doesn’t mean stagnancy, much less regression, but precisely transmission, evolution on a nerve guide, heritage that is given, a legacy that is enriched to be transmited whom come after. Only who receives and accepts the Tradition, can keep it, and only who keep it will can transmit it.

In the Tradition there are eternal values: the fear of God, the sanctification and love of family and neighbor, harmony between different social classes, the love of Fatherland, defense of religion, the respect for property, the value of authority and order, attachment to the customs and respect and solidarity between regions within the Hispanic Homeland. By Reke Ride.

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